Megan is a Melbourne based photographer, who has studied photography at RMIT University, and been working in the industry since 2014.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been fascinated by the power of the image and the ways that different techniques can transform the mood of a photograph. Studying my Certificate III in Media in high school led to a finessing of what creative endeavours I most care about - and that turned out to be photography above all else.

When I first started exploring the potential of images, my interest was in photo editing and the powers of Photoshop. However, I soon grew frustrated at not having enough control when using other people’s photos, and so I sought to create my own. This led me to years of studying and learning about photographic techniques. However, it's an ongoing process and I’ll always be trying to perfect my camera abilities.

My approach to photography is that of the observer. While I may seem quiet, that just is so I don’t miss a single moment! It's with this skill that I am able to see all those subtle, beautiful interactions and moments of joy. I personally love photos of real emotions, so I try to stay as honest in my photos as possible. I approach my work with an eye to keep it artistic, but still truthful.


RAW Melbourne: Envision (February 2018)