Press Highlights

Getting photos in the press is a satisfying way to send them out into the world. It's a way to be seen, sure, but it's also satisfying knowing that I can share some great moments with the world.

This year, I've had a few photos in some national publications. Of course, that is mostly because the people in them are so fabulous! 

Pictured below is illustrator and artist, Daniella Germain. I photographed her for Bluethumb online art gallery last year, and was thrilled when she asked to use the photos in Country Style magazine.


The shoot itself was tons of fun. It was just after Daniella had moved into the tiny studio her husband built in their backyard, and it was so exciting to shoot that transition. It suits her tiny illustrations perfectly. We had some great chats, and her two gorgeous dogs were very friendly the whole time. I couldn't resist calling them outside to be a part of the shoot! 

It proved useful for Daniella too - she'd changed up her look and didn't have any current photos for professional use. So not only did she get publicity from Bluethumb, but I also shared the photos for her use. It's so important to have high quality photos handy for opportunities like this one.



Another highlight, was this image of Bluethumb's PR & Comms Manager, Freddy Grant. We shot this for an article on the dangers of drunk spending, as Freddy had regretted an alcohol-induced purchase once before. You can see another photo from this shoot in my portraits gallery.

Freddy has also hinted to me that there might be some more media articles with my photos coming out in the next few weeks, from our session at his house.


Just yesterday, The Interiors Addict wrote a blog post about it. Stay tuned for more updates!


This last image is slightly older - from my first month interning at Bluethumb! Pictured here are the co-founders of Bluethumb, Edward and George Hartley. These two entrepreneurial men have really helped to increase the opportunities for remote indigenous artists. In fact, that is what the article is about, which was featured in the Financial Review in May 2017.

Hopefully soon I'll have more exciting press to share with you!