Back In Action With A Day At The Beach

I'm back! After two lovely weeks exploring more of the UK and visiting Amsterdam for the first time, I'm home again. Don't worry, the photos from the trip are coming. They're mostly ready, I just need to go through them (I took quite a lot!).

I'm back and over my jet lag, so what better way to celebrate than by visiting the beach I grew up near,  with my friend, Matilda! I've been giving her photography tutorials over the last few weeks, so it was a great chance for both of us to run free and get some great shots. It was really rewarding to see her put techniques and knowledge I've taught her into action.


I love Half Moon Bay in Melbourne. This is not the first time I've taken my camera down, and it certainly won't be the last. It's one of my favourite beaches, partly for the nostalgia, and partly because it has every kind of texture imaginable. The red cliffs are striking, and cast some amazing shadows. Out in the bay is the sinking wreck of Cerberus, an old war ship being used as a breakwater. 


It was a bright sunny day on Sunday, much to my disappointment. I was really hoping to get some moodier shots of the beach in winter, but the weather was not cooperating. Instead, I got these lovely warm shots. Due to it being winter, everything was much greener than in summer, which created a gorgeous set of colours to work with. I'll definitely be heading back on a cloudy day for those moody shots, though.


I've included only a few images from the day in this post. You can see more in the gallery.