Studio Tour with Susie Monte

Last Thursday I had the privilege of visiting Melbourne artist, Susie Monte in her home studio. The purpose of this visit was to interview her for a blog post by online art gallery, Bluethumb. Susie is one of their popular up and coming artists, with a recognisable geometric style. 



For the shoot, which involved both video and still photography, I used a softbox on Susie mixed with natural light in her studio to get a nice, natural look. This worked well with the artwork, where the softest, most even light is ideal.


Starting out, we filmed a quick interview (which will be available on Bluethumb's Youtube channel within the coming few months). It was really interesting to hear about all the twists and turns in Susie's career. Since turning to a life of creating, her mindset has been much calmer and healthier. 


After 20 minutes of chatting on camera, we then moved on the the less scary part of the shoot. I'm not sure I can find many artists who enjoy talking on camera! It's a nerve-wracking experience, especially when it will be used to promote your own work. Luckily, being in still photos seems like a breeze after the series of interview questions.


Since the photos are to be used for Bluethumb's blog, where the focus is to be on the studio, we spent a lot of time moving furniture around. It was important to me, however, to make sure I got a good shot of Susie. We ran through a few seated and standing poses, including some action shots of her at work. Giving her something to do, especially something that she says calms her anxiety, turned out to be perfect. The shots we got from these poses were so much more natural - although Susie was a dream to shoot in the more formal poses. She's clearly spent some time in front of the camera before.


Once I was certain I had more than a few options of photos, we moved onto the studio. It was delightful to see that her studio's all-white walls and array of plant life complemented her bright artworks so nicely. Once we had enough light, the space had such a positive atmosphere. The plants added life, and Susie's bright, geometric paintings really popped.


Overall, the shoot was a lot of fun. I really enjoy working with artists to capture images of them and their work. Interviewing them always gives me a lot of inspiration and insight into their practice, and it's interesting to discover common themes and unique perspectives. I want to thank Susie for taking the time out from her morning. 


You can see Susie's work on her instagram.